Discover the Power of Warrior Women. Find Your Soulmate Among the MostStylish Characters and Express Yourself.


Welcome to Amazons' modern world. They are the new incarnation of oldheroines. Just imagine how would they look like in the 21st century: cool outfits,stylish accessories, crazy hairstyles and spectacular looks․ Here you can findthe character that can express your inner power and inspire you to achieve new heights.

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Our new collection is dedicated to the equality of gender rights. It is a shame that in our era women still have to fight for the equality of their rights. We are convinced that a woman should be involved in any field of life and do whatever she wants to do. She should be engaged in governing, in sports, in the military and in any other field of life. However, our reality is different from the one we desire to have. Women's rights are often violated even today. This violation can be noticed in small and unimportant situations and sometimes in big and obvious circumstances. This means that the fight for equal rights is an everyday job. It must be prioritized even in small details of life. Thus, we decided to create this NFT collection to remind the world of women's importance and their rights.

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All Amazons have their individuality. The heroines are forged with different details: glasses, hairstyle, earrings, necklaces and clothes. Different combinations create different looks and characters. Among them are ordinary warriors, leaders, and queens. Their characters reflect the brave and intelligent image of women with a modern touch.